How to withdraw/donate my earnings?

There’s a requirement for a minimum withdrawal/donation amount of 5 USD or the equivalent amount in each currency. So, the user has to collect this minimum amount in order to get access to withdraw or to donate the money. If this is the case, and you wish to withdraw or donate your earnings, please follow the next steps:


1. Navigate to your Runister app and tap the HAMBURGER MENU on the left corner.

2. In the menu please tap MANAGE MY EARNINGS. You can also access this screen directly from your home screen by tapping the PIGGY BANK, if active.

3. Once inside of this chapter you can decide how much you want to withdraw or donate by moving the PIGGY BANK.

4. With the selected amount of money clear, you can tap the WITHDRAW/DONATE yellow button

5. The app will navigate you to a second screen where you can choose if you wish to make a personal withdrawal or you prefer to donate your money to a predefined charity.

6. By introducing your PayPal address you’ll be driven to a personal withdrawal process. In order to ensure the maximum protection and security, this process will be confirmed by several steps using your PayPal email.

7. By selecting a predefined charity, you’ll not have to introduce any email address and we’ll perform the necessary operations to ensure that your donation is completed.


Please be aware that you MUST have an active PayPal account to withdraw your earnings from Runister.

The transfer time of the withdrawals may vary depending on the location. According to our experience, it might take up to 10 working days to receive the money in the desired PayPal account. If after that period, the operation has not been completed, might mean that there’s some issue with your PayPal account so we kindly ask you to get in touch with us to try to solve it as soon as possible.