How to withdraw/donate my earnings?

How to change my Runister password?

How to enable/disable the voice over?

How to enable/disable the auto pause?

How to enable/disable the countdown?

How to edit my profile info?

How can I change the measuring units?

How to change the language?

How can I change the currency?

How can I share my Runister workouts on the social media?

How can I change my email address?

Why I can’t log in my Runister account?

Why I can’t hear the voiceover during my activity?

Why aren’t all my activities rewarded?

Suspicious activity?

Why is the map not finding me when I’m trying to go out for a run?

Why is the Runister app counting different distance than other apps or devices?

How to add my workout manually to the Runister app?

How to set up my goal with the Runister app?

Synchronization of activities

How to delete an activity from my activity list?

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