When will Runister be available for Android?

Why didn't I receive the confirmation email?

Why didn’t I receive my money yet?

Can I use my smartwatch to track my runs and send it later to my Runister account?

Can I import activities from other running apps or devices?

What happened with the first version of the Runister app?

What shall I do if I find a bug?

Can I get the GPX files from my Runister activities?

Can my account be canceled?

How is Runister paying the activities of the users?

How to earn money with Runister?

Does the Runister app have some limit of rewarded activities per day?

Does Runister have any distance limitation?

How much I earn per km (mile) with the Runister app?

Is there a limitation in regards to the withdrawals or donation amounts?

Is there a limit on the money that I can earn per day?

Why are the money values in the Runister app changing?

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