Runister guidelines

How does the energy bar work?

Understanding the energy bar of the Runister app, is the way to ensure that your runs or active walks are rewarded. The energy bar is the survey gate where you’ll find the questions to reply. For each three questions that you reply, you get one rewarded activity. You can have up to seven rewarded activities in advanced. To access the questions, please follow the next steps to get your energy:


1. Navigate to your Runister app

2. In the home screen tap on the PLUS SYMBOL icon located on the bottom right part

3. Please be sure to read the instructions and keep in mind that the information that you are about to share with us will be part of our global statistics. Although, we would like to remind you that none of your answers is linked to your personal details.

4. Once you are ready, you can tap on the green button GET SOME ENERGY

5. Each question has normally between 2 to 5 choices, you can choose only one in each. To select certain answer, simply tap on it. Tap CONTINUE to get the next question.

6. You can exit at any time the survey gate by tapping the X SYMBOL icon located on the right upper corner.


To read more about the energy bar, we recommend you to have a look at our website.

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