Synchronization of activities

The Runister app requires an active internet connection to synchronize your activities. Please be sure that you synchronize your activities with our server, otherwise, in case of any problem, we’ll not have access to that data. We strongly recommend you to check the activity screen on a regular basis to ensure a proper synchronization. In case you log out of your application, if there’s any activity not synchronized, you’ll lose it, and we won’t be able to recover it.

To be sure that your runs are synchronized:


1.Navigate to your Runister app and tap the HAMBURGER MENU on the left corner.

2. In menu, please select MY ACTIVITIES

3.Check that on the left side of each activity you have a GREEN POINT if so those activities are correctly synchronized.

In a case that some of the activities contain two grey points:

4.Pull down the screen with your finger to launch the manual synchronization. This action should synchronize all your activities within your activity list.


If you receive any message informing about some problems during the synchronization, please try again later but don’t log out from your Runister account until all activities have been synchronized.

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