How to set up my goal with the Runister app?

With the Runister app, you can select your goal before each activity, in case you would like to. So, you can decide whether you want to go for a “free goal” workout or you prefer us to help you to set up your goal for distance, time or money. To set up your goal, you just need to follow the next steps:


1. In the home screen of the Runister app, tap START. The application will drive you to another screen named “Set your goal” where you can select your goal.

2. There are four different types of goals – Free goal, Distance, Time and Money goal

3. By tapping on ICONS for goals by distance, time and money you’ll get a ROLLOVER to select your desired value.

4. Once you have selected your value, you can tap the button DONE

5. Finally, you can tap START, and the activity will be initiated.


If you are running with any selected goal, the Runister app will inform you about the progress when you reach the halfway point. Also, once the goal is completed the app will let you know through both voiceover and screen written information.

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