Why is the Runister app counting different distance than other apps or devices?

The Runister app is using a combination of GPS and a unique algorithm to measure the distance covered by our users. Although, the measurement of the distance strongly depends on the GPS signals as well as on the devices. Each application and devices use a different method, and this is the reason why you might find differences. If you have problems measuring your activities, please be sure that you have a good internet and signal connection.


You can experience some difference in between devices and other applications depending on the quality of the GPS signal that your phone was receiving.


How to improve your GPS signal?

Most important key to GPS lock is clear access to the sky and patience. Any obstacle, like building, tree, backpack or even jersey can adversely affect signal strength, especially for the very low-strength signals.


Best practices to improve your GPS signal:

- Move to an area where your view of the sky is open and is unobstructed by buildings or trees.

- Before starting an activity, check your position on the map on “Set your goal” screen, if actual position corresponds with your real position. Pointer should not frequently be moving.

- Make sure your device's location services are enabled for Runister (in device Settings > Runister > Location > While Using the App)

- Carry your device in a way that allows reliable reception. Depending on your device type- in your hand or on your arm.


Make sure that you have a cellular or Wi-Fi network connection. This allows the Assisted GPS (A-GPS) on the device to locate visible GPS satellites faster, in addition to providing initial location information using the Wi-Fi or cellular networks.


Variable performance

Even if your device is in the same position and the same setting as previous activity, you might find differences in behavior from one day to the next. Your device needs to receive signals from 5 different satellites for good estimation of your position. Changing position of satellites and weather conditions are influencing the reception of GPS signal. All of this is outside of your or our direct control.

This is only some reasons why you might experience inconsistent performance.

We recommend you to try several times the best ways to work with your device's GPS in your setting before making bad review or judgment.

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