Why is the map not finding me when I’m trying to go out for a run?

Check if you have permitted us to track you! Otherwise, we don’t know where you are, and we cannot show you the map! Usually, the app should ask you for all necessary permissions on the first launch of the activity. In a case you are facing to a problem or app didn’t ask your permission at the first launch please follow instructions below.


To grant us the permissions you should navigate to the settings menu of your iPhone and follow the next steps:

1. Tap SETTINGS in your iPhone

2. Scroll down and tap PRIVACY

3. Inside of privacy chapter tap MOTION&FITNESS

4. Make sure that the Runister app is in green.


Also, please make the following check:

1. Tap SETTINGS in your iPhone

2. Scroll down until you see the Runister app icon.


You have to allow us to use your location at least “While using” and “Motion & Fitness” together with “Mobile data” have to be also turned ON.

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