Why aren’t all my activities rewarded?

There are only three possibilities why your activity doesn't have a reward:


1. Activity was not synchronized yet. Usually, if you have a good internet connection, the synchronization should be automatically completed. Although, you can try to pull down the activity screen to launch synchronization manually.


2. Missing energy in your energy bar. Remember that only if you have energy in your bar can you get money for your activities. You can keep running without answering questions, but those workouts will not be rewarded. Each run can only be rewarded once. You can only reward upcoming activities; there’s no possibility to obtain a reward for past activities.


3. Suspicious activity. Runister is an application designed for runners. We are carefully taking care of our community, and you might receive that message in case that particular activity is not according to our parameters of a runner. In that case, we would like to remind you to consider for what you are using the Runister app.

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