How can I share my Runister workouts on the social media?

You can easily post your workouts on the social media, and share your progress with friends. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. To share any activity, you can follow these steps:


1.Navigate to your Runister app and tap the HAMBURGER MENU on the left corner.

2. In the menu tap MY ACTIVITIES

3. Tap in the ACTIVITY that you wish to share

4. The activity selected will open, and you can share it by tapping in the preferred SOCIAL ICON.

5. Once you have selected the social media, you can edit the text that you wish to share


Activity can also be shared directly after the workout on your “Run summary” screen.


If you are doing it for the first time, the Runister app will ask you for permission to access your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. We’ll not publish anything without your permission, but by doing this, you grant us access in case you wish to share something in the future.

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