How to edit my profile info?

The Runister app will ask you about your name and some more details once you create your account. For the future, if you wish to update your name, gender, country, age, weight or height you can do it by:


1. Navigate to your Runister app and tap the HAMBURGER MENU on the left corner.

2. In the menu tap SETTINGS

3. You’ll be immediately in the section of “About you”

4. You can tap in each of the items to modify them

5. You can exit settings by tapping again the HAMBURGER MENU

6. By tapping HOME, you’ll navigate to the main screen of the app


We kindly encourage you to fill up your profile. We would like to know your gender, height, weight, and age to provide you with more accurate results in regards to burned calories during your activities.

We’d also like to know where you are so that we can give you better customer service.

Finally, as a survey platform, Runister uses your gender, country, and age to generate valuable statistics.

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