How to enable/disable the voice over?

The Runister app offers an audio feedback of the activity. Once you download the Runister app and use it without modifying your settings, the voice over is active by default. This audio cues will inform you about the distance, the time, pace and earnings by default each 1km or mile. You can enable this audio for each 1km/mile as well as each 5 km/mile. Also, you can disable the sound. To access these settings, please follow:

1.Navigate to your Runister app and tap the HAMBURGER MENU on the left corner.

2.In the menu tap SETTINGS

3.Scroll down to “Runister settings” part

4.Tap AFTER 1Km/mile to open the adjustments of this parameter

5.Select your choice and tap DONE

6.You can exit settings by tapping again the HAMBURGER MENU

7.By tapping HOME, you’ll navigate to the main screen of the app

Why I can’t hear the voice over during my activity?

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