How much I earn per km (mile) with the Runister app?

There is constant flat earning 0.05 USD/km or equivalent in other currency. This value just displays two decimals rounded down due to the user interface, although there’s a much longer number behind and therefore the total earned per activity might not match with the user’s calculations. Even more, this value is linked to a PayPal exchange rate and might change as well on a daily basis for users who are using Runister app in different then USD currencies.


Displayed earning 0,04 EUR/km might refer to values in range 0,041 – 0,049 EUR/km. Therefore, exact actual earnings per km(mile) can be calculated after finishing workout of minimum 3km as total earning divided by distance.


Example: 8,78 km run with total reward 0,37 EUR means 0.04214123 EUR/km earning (8,78 km/0,37 EUR).

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