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How to record an activity?

Please navigate to your home screen:


1. Tap START. The application will drive you to another screen where you can select your goal

2. There are four different types of goals. You can choose to run for a certain distance, some particular time or a money amount. Also, you can run without a goal.

3. Once you have decided your goal, you just need to tap START to launch the activity.


Once you finish the exercise and you are stationary the app should auto-pause immediately in a case that auto-pause is on. Otherwise, you have to tap the PAUSE icon. To finish the activity, you just need to press and hold the STOP button for a while until it fills up. Just right after that, you’ll be redirected to a new screen where you’ll see your activity details.

How to set up my goal with the Runister app?

How to enable/disable the auto pause?

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